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I’m a Graphic Designer, helping small businesses take their brand to the next level.

I believe that clear, minimalist designs outshine overly produced flashy ones every time. When I’m in the midst of a design project I always ask myself How can I clarify this message? How can I reduce the clutter? The results are crisp, easy to digest designs which have become a trademark of my aesthetic.

As a Graphic Designer, my job is to create visual concepts for your big ideas. I love helping brands of all sizes create professional content that communicates their message. My toolbox includes fourteen years of content marketing experience—working on everything from events and partnerships to brand development and copywriting. As a marketing professional and artist, I’ve always been drawn to design. And I look forward to helping you inspire, inform, and captivate your customers.

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Client Testimonials:

Jill Nelson is an amazing designer and developed a wonderful new brand and logo for me! Through an online questionnaire and an in-person meeting, Jill was able to ascertain the characteristics that are most important to me and what sets me apart from my competition. From there, Jill was able to play with several logo design ideas that portrayed those qualities. I really enjoyed the collaborative process that Jill used to involve me along the way... but driven by her creativity and expertise.
— Shawna Spaudling, Realtor
I have recently had the pleasure of Jill designing a logo and website for my new business. What a creative and fun process! Jill led me through an analysis of my vision, who my customer was, and how to convey the mood. It was so enjoyable to work with such a talented designer. I am a very satisfied client and highly recommend Jill to all who are looking to present themselves in a professional manner.
— Alcinda Walters, Hair Stylist
I could not have been more impressed by Jill and the work she did for me. Her ability to really listen and design a logo that fit my personality and professional goals, was incredible. She gives so much of her time and energy to her clients and made me feel so well taken care of. When I was stuck and resistant to working on my website, she took the time to meet with me and helped by asking me questions and eliciting information that would become my content. She maintained the timeline we agreed to even with my initial resistance! I would, and do, recommend her to anyone that wants a new logo, website, or marketing materials. Jill is amazing!
— Marisa Abzug-Callender, The Fork in the Road Coach
Jill is a truly gifted graphic designer. She patiently listened to my blabbering, and somehow turned it into an exquisite logo for my educational therapy practice. She is knowledgeable, innovative, and so easy to work with! I will be hiring her again to design our brochures. Thanks a million Jill.
— Heather Sommerville, Steps to Success Educational Therapy
Jill was a mentor and true collaborator in every sense of the word. Her design skills are exceptional! Jill always took the time to listen to my ideas, infused those ideas with her incredible creativity and produced a product that was fresh and innovative, while staying true to the branding of the organization.
— Kelly Spaulding